Cross Border Commerce Infographic

Wednesday, 17th September 2014


Mobile Commerce Infographic

Wednesday, 17th September 2014


Low prices, free delivery options – main criteria when selecting e-tailers

Thursday, 11th September 2014

Consumers buying goods and services digitally tend to research online and choose retailers with convenient prices and free delivery services.

"They make online orders from their PC, pay with credit cards and prefer fast delivery. The global distance selling sector will grow by more than 10% per annum by 2020."

"In Asia Pacific, ecommerce has been spurred by increased internet access, by traditional retailers and start-ups embracing the opportunities of offering their goods online in shops and marketplaces, and by an ever expanding middle class in emerging markets. It resulted in market developments as Japan, South Korea, Australia, India and China, which saw growth rates ranging between 5% and 42% in 2013."

"More than 90% of people having online access in China, Japan and South Korea are distance selling customers. They are predominantly young, highly educated and from urban areas. Consumer electronics, books, clothing and apparel and food are the online products most purchased in Asia Pacific."

"British and German consumers use distance selling the most (94%) while consumers in India or Mexico are more reluctant to order from home and online. European consumers also place more orders per year (29 in UK, 18 in Germany) than their counterparts in emerging markets (9 in India or 6 in Brazil)."

More info here.

UK government issues support package to help businesses grow cross-border

Tuesday, 9th September 2014

UK government has released a support package aimed at boosting cross-border business.

"UK Trade & Investment organisation, a UK Government department, has informed that businesses can develop international trade via online channels and that the support package can offer SMEs a cost-effective way to expand reach in terms of both numbers and geography."

"The government unit is currently working with various international e-marketplaces, including Tmall China, Amazon China, Japanese ecommerce platform Rakuten and Harper’s Bazaar."

"The programme, dubbed the e-Exporting Programme, will encourage UK exporters to reach out to the generation of digitally-capable consumers who are increasingly influenced through online channels."

More info here.

Are You Losing Money with Your Mobile E-Commerce? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Thursday, 4th September 2014


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