Introducing our first Farm Manager...

Tuesday, 11th November 2014

We are proud to announce the appointment of our first employee, David Fletcher, who has taken the role of Farm Manager at Mill Lane Community Growers.

Originally from Leeds, David has worked in the horticulture sector for most of his working life after completing a horticultural apprenticeship. He worked on an agricultural project in Southern Italy before joining us from Pembrokeshire Business Initiative (PBI). David will be responsible for the day-to-day management of all activities at Mill Lane Community Growers, developing the farm as a local resource.

David said: “I’m thrilled to join Bridge Community Farms as Farm Manager. I’m really excited to be part of developing the farm as a hub of the community, bringing a piece of the countryside to town, and a resource that all members of the community can benefit from.”

The Content Habits of B2B Enterprise Marketers - Infographic

Monday, 10th November 2014


Why People Leave Your Website - Infographic

Sunday, 9th November 2014


Ecommerce Europe concerned about a more rigid right to be forgotten

Friday, 7th November 2014

Neelie Kroes, former Digital Agenda Commissioner, has stated that the EU should focus more on making the right to be forgotten clear.

"Kroes has argued its statement with the fact that the European Court of Justice ruling on the “right to be forgotten” is not enough. Ecommerce Europe agrees that clarifications are needed, but stresses that the approach on it should remain flexible, so as not pose too heavy administrative burdens for web shops, and especially SMEs."

"A flexible approach was also agreed upon by the 28 European Justice Ministers in their last meeting. The Ministers declared that search engines are only obliged to remove links with personal information about people under certain conditions. What those conditions are exactly will have to be decided on a case-by-case basis."

"When the right to be forgotten is decided upon a case-by-case basis, judges will be able to take into account the other obligations web shops already have. On the other hand, if policy makers would adopt a rigid approach towards the right to be forgotten, this would mean that any removal request coming from an individual should always be granted. That would happen without taking into account the particularities of the case."

More info here.

How to Increase Facebook Engagement by 275%: Infographic

Thursday, 6th November 2014


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