UK government issues support package to help businesses grow cross-border

Tuesday, 9th September 2014

UK government has released a support package aimed at boosting cross-border business.

"UK Trade & Investment organisation, a UK Government department, has informed that businesses can develop international trade via online channels and that the support package can offer SMEs a cost-effective way to expand reach in terms of both numbers and geography."

"The government unit is currently working with various international e-marketplaces, including Tmall China, Amazon China, Japanese ecommerce platform Rakuten and Harper’s Bazaar."

"The programme, dubbed the e-Exporting Programme, will encourage UK exporters to reach out to the generation of digitally-capable consumers who are increasingly influenced through online channels."

More info here.

Are You Losing Money with Your Mobile E-Commerce? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Thursday, 4th September 2014


Phishing continues to threat businesses, as users fail to detect it

Thursday, 4th September 2014

Phishing continues to be an effective tactic for infiltrating enterprise networks.

"80% of its participants failed to detect at least 1 of 7 phishing e-mails. Furthermore, results shows that finance and HR departments performed the worst at detecting scams, falling behind by a margin of 4% to 9%."

"The survey points out that both mass campaign phishing and spear phishing are still rampant in the attack strategies used by cybercriminals around the world. Meanwhile, the US continues to host more phishing URLs than any other country."

"New malware samples rose by only 1% in the Q2 2014. However, with more than 31 million new samples, this was still the largest amount recorded in a single quarter. The total count of mobile malware increased by 17% in the Q2 2014, while the rate of new malware appears to have leveled off at about 700,000 per quarter. Also, denial of service attacks rose by 4% during the period under review and remain the most prevalent type of network threat."

More info here.

Digital payments integration boosts the economy of developing nations

Tuesday, 2nd September 2014

Integrating digital payments into the economies of developing nations addresses issues of economic growth and individual financial empowerment.

"Digital payments offer immediate benefits for both senders and receivers in developing economies, as well as the ability of such payments to increase citizen access to affordable financial tools."

"The benefits of digital payments go well beyond the convenience many people in developed economies associate with the technology."

"Action plan for governments to adopt, in order to realize the benefits of digital payments:
• Digitize government payments and receipts, including social transfers.
• Engage actively on the regulatory agenda.
• Convene public and private sectors to create a basic technical payment platform infrastructure, across which providers can compete on product development.
• Create an enabling environment that fosters private-sector innovation.
• Recognize the role of remittance providers in offering a digital entry point to formal financial services for senders and receivers."

More info here.

Great turn out for Mill Lane Community Growers’ first event

Tuesday, 2nd September 2014

We opened the gates of the farm for the first time on Sunday and we are delighted with the support from local residents. Around 150 people came along to our barbeque and family day to find out about the plans for the farm, meet the organisers and share their ideas for the site. They were also invited to feed back on the plans and share any concerns they might have.

Francis Ball, Director of Bridge Community Farms, said:

“We have been delighted by the turn out and by the overwhelmingly positive support from local residents. People seem pleased that the site is being turned into something that will foster community spirit and provide opportunities for local people. We have had dozens of offers of volunteer support and some brilliant suggestions for summer fetes, live music events and children activities when we are up and running next year.

“It was also great to be able to reassure people that they can still walk their dogs on part of the site and that we aren’t building houses or cutting down trees. In fact we are going to plant a lot more trees, and even have a plan for a small forest school. We know how troubling change can be and we wanted to make sure people felt comfortable with our plans. It will be a space for the whole community.”

A detailed response to all the feedback gathered at the event will be published in this month’s edition of the local council resident’s newsletter, Netherpool News, and on this website soon.

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